Leather Laces Square Shape

Leather Laces Square Shape

Square Shape Leather Laces

Perfect for boat shoes, the square laces have long been in the lead, which can be used anywhere and enjoy a high market demand. Square laces not only add value to a pair of leather shoes, but their tensile strength and pliability are also irreplaceable.

Tanned and dyed only, the aniline series maintains the beauty of natural grain, perfect for leisure shoes, boat shoes and leisure boots.
Grain side is sanded away to reveal a surface of short fiber, its texture natural and silky smooth to the touch, ideal for leisure shoes.
Using the top grain layer, both surfaces are processed to create a field of soft, fine fur with natural short fur feel, thin and light and supple, easy to make fashion statements with, great for decorative uses.
Using special embossing techniques, design patterns are added to the surface with bold colors to generate stylish contrasting effects, perfect for sports shoes or youth leisure shoes.
Using proprietary methods in a dust-free workshop, the natural tortoiseshell pattern is created, destined to be cutting edge, ideal for sports shoes or youth leisure shoes.
With our unique patent leather methods in a dust-free workshop, the surface is as shiny as a mirror, great for men and women shoes and leisure shoes.
Nano metallic
Layers of nano coating are applied on the surface to enhance its metallic sheen, inconspicuously luxurious, excellent for fashionable men and women shoes.
Fold Leather Lace With Stitching
With 10MM width and 1.5MM thickness leather being folded down and sewed into the form. Very soft. Nonfunctional lace is recommended to be used for decoration. Leather can be going with different colors of nylon wires. Very fashionable and personalized. Good for men and women casual shoes.
Patent Square Laces Dipping Tips
Using patent dyeing technique for lace tip from silicone and dye materials. Could customize multiple colors,metallic colors, single or double colors , foggy, glossy surface for the lace tips.
Customization Shoelace Package
We provide lace customization package service, Our package type have Brand color paper box, black or white paper box, zip-lock bags, rectangle PVC box, banded paper wrapper ,etc. The different custom package is requested with 500 MOQ upon units.

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